Service commitment
Commissioning maintenance Shenzhen Bolichang CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. has a professional team, debugging maintenance personnel all have college education, after years of work and study, has rich experience and capability of debugging maintenance; addition, we are located in multiple places of the country and abroadoffices, can be more convenient for the customer service. Our aim is: Respect for customers, understanding customers, and continue to provide products and services that exceed customer expectations.

Service principles
  1.Timely processing customers letter calls for the sake of users.
  2.Regular visits to customers, inspection equipment, share those concerns for users.
  3.Recommended positive response to the user's user problem-solving
  4.Good quality of the user feedback, the implementation of quality feedback, quality tracking card system.

Installation, technical service and training
  1.Free installation, commissioning and delivery.
  2.Free operator training demand side, programming and maintenance personnel.

2.1 Operator training content:

·familar with the machine a variety of skills performance

·be able to manipulate the machine

·master the general parameters of the machine settings and adjustments

·master the day-to-day maintenance of the machine, the general failure of repair and adjustment

2.2repairman training content:

·Familiar with the machine for a variety of performance and system parameters,to master the machine setting and adjustment of process paramenters.

·Beable to manipulate the machine

·Familiar with the structure of the machine and electrical schematics, master common fault find and exclude specific failure,synchronization,and cuting precision adjustrment.

·Able to grasp the important parts disassembly,replacement and adjustment.

  3.To provide lifelong preferential technical support and spare parts supply free software relegation service the device.

During the warranty period, the equipment failure and damage caused by any non-misuse occurs, the company responsible for the repair and replacement of free. Give a reply within two hours after received a customer service notification telephone notification within 24 hours to reach the scene in time to solve the quality problem, repair equipment, and other related issues.

Technical data and software

  • 1.Equipment schematics and installation drawings, foundation plans
  • 2.The CNC system operation manual
  • 3.Operation Manual
  • 4.Programming Manual
  • 5.Maintenance Manual
  • 6.Control software disk and nesting software CD
  • 7.Packing List
  • 8.Information electronic backup
  • 9.Other data of the user's legitimate demands

Wearing parts supply
  1.24 hours after ordering in the user wearing parts factories issued by the manufacturer